Friday, September 4, 2009

RF Microwave Radio Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1: Define RF Signals?
Answer : Radio Frequency Signals are high frequency AC Signals Composed of EM Energy.

Question 2: When we get the higher signal strength in RF?
Answer: If Amplitude of the RF signal is higher then Signal Strength will be higher so as vice versa.

Question3 : why we Prefer Transmission through RF and Microwave ?
Answer : Broadband Information Signals required High Frequency Signals.

Question4: what is the speed of prorogation of RF Signals.
Answers : Speed of Propagation of RF Signals is equal to that of speed of light.

Question5 : what happens when multi path reflection occurs in RF Signal.
Answer : Signal Degradation and Holes in Coverage area of Microwave Network.

Question6: How the Antenna Gain is Calculated?
Answer : First of all direction is determined and then we calculate what would be power level at the same distance from the isotropic radiator.

Question7: when VSWR(Voltage standing Waves Ratio? occurs.
Answer7 : when their is mismatch in impedance and signal is reflected at point of impedance , which will result in decreased amplitude.

Question8: which is the commonly used transmission line RF and Microwave.
Answer: Coaxial Line.


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